An employee spends almost 200 hours per year on personal tasks while at work1.

Ready to channel that time back into your company — increasing morale and your bottom line?




Granting Time keeps your organization focused on profit-making assignments by providing employer-sponsored personal assistant services to your employees.

We know time is money, which means every time an employee switches from billable work to personal tasks, your bottom line is impacted.

Alleviating part of the work/life juggle results in boosted productivity, increased work output and higher realization rates.



Including an on-site concierge service is no longer viewed as a fringe benefit, but rather an HR imperative and an essential part of a comprehensive benefit package.

With employees prioritizing benefits over direct compensation, the need to differentiate and leverage benefit offerings has never been more critical.  

Granting Time’s personal assistant services set your company apart and provide the competitive advantage needed to attract and retain top talent.



Employees are your most important asset. Granting Time provides a cost-effective way to increase employee satisfaction and promote a work environment that prioritizes a healthy work-life balance.

With the increased cost of sourcing new employees and voluntary turnover on the rise, companies can’t afford to get it wrong.

Meaningful benefits such as a concierge service not only strengthen employee loyalty but also ensure employees feel fulfilled and enjoy coming into work.



  • For every 12 employees on staff, a FULL-TIME SALARY IS WASTED EACH WEEK on personal errands.2

  • Multi-tasking and context switching decreases productivity and can cost as much as 40% of someone’s productive time.3


  • More than 70% of employees polled stated they consider fringe perks a major consideration in evaluating future job opportunities.4

  • 85% of HR professionals polled said their organization used benefits as a strategic tool to positively affect recruitment and retention.5


  • For an employee making $75,000/year, $37,500-$56,250 is spent on recruiting and training expenses each time an employee leaves.

  • In 2016, almost one-third of Fortune‘s 100 Best Companies to Work For offered concierge services to employees.6


Set a schedule!

Adopt a schedule for Granting Time to come to your office.  Typically, our visits are scheduled on a recurring weekly basis so your employees know exactly when we will be there.

Send us your to-dos!

Employees email and text throughout the week all their tasks they’d like us to do.  So long as it’s legal and ethical, we’re happy to help!    

We make the plan!

Granting Time merges all errand requests into a day-long agenda.  We’ll email your team so they can be prepared for the day’s schedule.  

We’re here!

Granting Time arrives at your office and collects any last-minute requests from your employees.  Don’t worry, we are very discrete and won’t cause any interruption in your day.

Enjoy a productive day!

While Granting Time completes all scheduled errands, your employees are free of distractions and are able to stay focused and prioritize their work. 

We make the drop!

Granting Time arrives with purchases, payment methods and receipts.  Again, no need to worry, you’ll hardly know we’re there.    


Granting Time will repeat this schedule week after week, freeing your team to concentrate on critical work priorities.

  • Granting Time is in one word, “AMAZING!”

    “Granting Time is in one word, “AMAZING!” Amanda is extremely organized, thorough and determined to accomplish her task. My wife and I needed to return multiple boxes of diapers that we received from our baby shower, since our son grew out of them so fast. She tracked down the specific stores that sold the brand and went to various stores and spoke to the employees until they agreed to exchange the diapers without a receipts. On another occasions, my wife and I were going to plan a trip to Florida. So we let Amanda know and she put together an amazing spreadsheet detailing, infant policies for the airlines, prices, and flight times as well as car rentals. Lastly, she did a great job negotiating the price for 4 new tires for my car and getting them changed while I worked. She saved my wife and I time and money!”

    Marco F.
  • I will call on Granting Time again when I need a caring helping hand.

    “Amanda from Granting Time drove me to a few doctor appointments when I was in too much pain to drive myself. She was very caring and sensitive to what I needed. She made sure I was comfortable in the doctor’s office as well as in the car. Since I was in pain and on meds, Amanda even asked clarifying questions of the doctor and wrote down the answers. I really appreciated this when I got home because I may not have remembered these details. Not only is Amanda very prompt and professional, she truly enjoys being able to help out. I will call on Amanda and Granting Time again when I need a caring helping hand.”

    Marni M.
  • I recommend it 110%!

    “WOW! At last, a woman who is reliable, competent and a help to all woman kind. Amanda was available to take me into the District on a day before Christmas to attend a lecture and afternoon tea and was waiting for me when I was finished. No fuss, no muss. She also took me to a local hospital where I had a procedure and waited for me in the waiting room until I was done. What a great service this is. I recommend it 110%!”

    Beverly M.
  • Granting time has helped me in more ways than I can count...

    “I no longer treat Granting Time as a service that I hire, but instead as a friend that I can call on when I have too much to do!I first hired Amanda to assist me with organizing my cluttered home. She cleaned out and reorganized my pantry, linen closets, craft area, extra freezer and kids’ toy area (to name a few). What a difference it made! When I found out last minute that I’d be hosting my in-laws and other extended family, I knew I needed to call Amanda. At a moments notice she was able to stock my refrigerator with delicious food that best of all was easy to prepare throughout the weekend. The family was very impressed on my ability to “do it all”! (Shhh…that can be our secret!) Granting time has helped me in more ways than I can count and are always polite, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Granting Time for all the things life throws at you.”

    Jane R.
  • I will definitely be contacting Granting Time in the future.

    “I recently hired Amanda to research flights and car rental options for my trip to Mexico. She was referred to me by a friend who had only wonderful things to say about her attention to detail and cost effective ways of planning. Amanda was more than willing to go above and beyond to research my itinerary including planning for travel with an infant, flying in and out of multiple cities and making sure we had the proper car seat once we arrived. I really appreciated her patience throughout my trip changes. Since finding out how wide-ranging her services are, I’ve asked her to handle a few customer service calls regarding difficult/past due returns, and have had great success! She has even picked up my dry cleaning! I will definitely be contacting her for her services in the future.”

    Laura D.
  • I can’t say enough positive things about Granting Time!

    “I have used Granting Time to help me with almost everything. I call Amanda and tell her all the things that are stressing me out and she helps me get a handle on everything. I work nights and need to sleep during the day, so having Granting Time only a call away has been a huge help! Amanda has helped me organize my home in a way that makes it easy to maintain after is gone. I have also had her assist me with returning items, mailing packages and grocery shopping.Amanda even sends me daily text messages with encouraging words to keep me motivated to continue going to the gym! Getting these text messages gives me the little extra push I need to continue doing what’s best for me.Amanda carries herself in a professional and friendly manner making her easy and wonderful to work with. Not only am I certain that Amanda will get the job done but Granting Time tackles each task with more diligence and care than I would myself. I can’t say enough positive things about Granting Time!”

    Aimee V.

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